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Category: Car Sales

Minimum investment: £2,500

UK Prestige Car Brokers are specialists in finding the perfect car, from a Ford to a Ferrari. Whether looking to buy or sell any car, UK Prestige Car Broker clients all benefit from our years of industry experience, breadth of contacts and private, personal and highly professional service. UK Prestige Car Brokers work with private and business clients, dealers and a range of other agents and firms to find, sell or source some of the finest and most exclusive vehicles available as well as the sort of cars most of us drive every day of the week.

Business History

After 15 years as a dormant Company in 2013, the present Directors, Colin and Linda Smith, were delighted to reform Halifax Motor Co Ltd trading under the name of UK Prestige Car Brokers with offices in Halifax and Wilmslow. We look forward to sourcing any make of car and from the Motor Trade for friends, customers from the past and of course new customers in the future.

What we’re about

UK Prestige Car Brokers provide an unrivalled service; however, our clients do not return to us for this reason alone. We apply an honest and impartial approach to our work and this work ethic has allowed us to carve out and nurture long-lasting relationships with both clients and dealers. We are in contact with our larger franchised dealerships as well as our specialist dealers everyday and we keep fully abreast of new prices, model launches and special offers. We help our clients buy the right car at the best price with a hassle-free experience! UK Prestige Car Brokers make buying or selling any car easy and enjoyable. By comparing the best offers from national dealers, UK Prestige Car Brokers will make sure that a client can buy or sell a car at a price that’s right for them. 


We work with an extensive and varied group of contacts to provide the service we do. We have strong links with all the major prestige car franchises throughout the UK, including, but not exclusively; Ferrari; Maserati; Bentley; BMW; MINI; Mercedes-Benz; Audi; Volkswagen; Aston Martin; Land Rover; Rolls Royce; Jaguar; Porsche; Lamborghini; Lotus; Jaguar; Lexus; Ford; Vauxhall; Peugeot; Citroen etc.

What you get

• Unique, bespoke personal and professional service to private and business clients looking to buy and/or sell cars, from a Ford to a Ferrari 

• A Car Finder Service – Connecting buyers with sellers and sellers with buyers

 • The best possible price for a car without the inconvenience of a client having to sell it privately, hawking it around the car dealers or using the online car buying websites 

• Clients do not pay a fee for our services as you will be paid a fixed fee by the Dealer who ultimately supplies or buys the car, you work for Consultancy Fees 

• Easily run from Home 

• No Stock

 • No Expensive Forecourt 

• No High working capital requirement or motor trade insurance 

• Dealer Commissions 

• An Excellent Income 

• Being Your Own Boss

Who we’re looking for 

UK Prestige Car Brokers are seeking people who share their passion for cars and who would like to be part of a team and they are now looking to develop existing operations through new Strategic Franchise Partnerships with individuals who have a desire to succeed.

What next

If you think you have what we’re looking for fill in the form below. We will be in-touch with you shortly to give you more information and details on the UK Prestige Car Brokers opportunity. 


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