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Investment Required: Under £10,000


Business Profile

Lime Licensing Group | You probabaly get the local magazines with local companies paying for adverts..

Franchise Package

Help local businesses find more customers!

You probably get the local magazines with local companies paying for adverts, well, this is a more fun and different type of magazine, it certainly is not boring, and you will pick it up time and time again!

Perfect opportunity if you are looking for that work/life balance you hear so many people talk about!

How would an additional £5000-£6000 per month help you?

What if we also said that could be part-time or a bolt-on or even to suit your lifestyle?

Once you’ve built-up relationships, businesses come back to you time after time and you will soon build some residual income, for life!

  • You DON’T need to understand HARD selling! That’s so 80’s and not required with this franchise
  • There IS HUGE demand for this type of business
  • NO STOCK required
  • This is LOW COST
  • Your business is ALL LOCAL

Sound too good to be true?….


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